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Great conference = great blogging

February 25, 2010

Lots of blogging going on from SCWC conferees and staffers alike, talking about their most recent conference adventures, what they learned, drank and took away from SD24. Here’s some of the latest…

Claudia Whitsitt on SD24

Gayle Carline’s SD24 De-brief

Nick Valentino’s conference wrap

Janet Tait Takeaways from the Southern California Writer’s Conference Part 1: Cross-Reading Leads to Better Metaphors and Takeaways from the Southern California Writer’s Conference, Part 2: Platform Building for Fiction Writers

Lesley Vance on What is Copyright?

Kirsten Imani Kasai special guest speaker follow-up

Bob Yehling’s Afterglow from the SCWC

J. R. Peregrine’s SCWC report

Jeremy Lee James’ “One Flew Over the Twitter’s Nest” workshop follow up

If you’re blogging about the conference, let us know so that others may too.



Selden Edwards on rewriting & rejection

February 25, 2010

SD24 award recipients

February 19, 2010

While there were so many fresh new voices and such quality material deserving of a shout out at this past weekend’s conference, alas, there must be only a selected few SCWC*San Diego 24 Award Recipients…

OUTSTANDING FICTION: Barbara Gardner from Clarkdale, MS for “Westside Blues”

OUTSTANDING FICTION: Alyssa Kirk from Lebec, CA… for “Demonic Intentions”

OUTSTANDING FICTION: Larry Markworth from Ventura, CA for “Loss of Face”

OUTSTANDING TOPIC: Elizabeth Mondok from Lancaster, CA for “Why the Owl Asks Who”

OUTSTANDING TOPIC: Melissa Fischer from Venice, CA for “Why, Rick?”

Congratulations all!