About the SCWC

Founded and run by publishing professionals devoted to addressing the needs of writers of every level, the Southern California Writers’ Conference is held annually in San Diego and Los Angeles (actually Newport Beach), and
periodically in Palm Springs, CA.

Featuring authors, agents, editors and dozens of interactive troubleshooting and read & critique workshops, the SCWC has facilitated nearly $4 million in first-time author book and screen deals over the past 24 years.

The executive director of the SCWC is Michael Steven Gregory. The SCWC director is Wes Albers. For complete information on our upcoming events, visit www.WritersConference.com.


  1. I just wanted to let you know of a new website created to help writers as well. It is called hoongla.com. Basically it is venue for writers to write anything from poems, short stories, or articles. There are also monthly contests for the best article, story, or poem. You can also post SCWC events on the website to help promote this organization.


    I just got word from Nickelodeon. They are returning to San Diego during the San Diego Latino Film Festival with their Writer’s Script Review again this year. This is a dynamite opportunity. Check out the attached docs for all the details or visit http://www.mediaartscenter.org/writeit

    As you know, opportunities like this are rare so please consider applying and help spread the word with your friends and colleagues.

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