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SD24 award recipients

February 19, 2010

While there were so many fresh new voices and such quality material deserving of a shout out at this past weekend’s conference, alas, there must be only a selected few SCWC*San Diego 24 Award Recipients…

OUTSTANDING FICTION: Barbara Gardner from Clarkdale, MS for “Westside Blues”

OUTSTANDING FICTION: Alyssa Kirk from Lebec, CA… for “Demonic Intentions”

OUTSTANDING FICTION: Larry Markworth from Ventura, CA for “Loss of Face”

OUTSTANDING TOPIC: Elizabeth Mondok from Lancaster, CA for “Why the Owl Asks Who”

OUTSTANDING TOPIC: Melissa Fischer from Venice, CA for “Why, Rick?”

Congratulations all!



SCWC*LA(ish) 7 award winners

October 4, 2009

Only one week ago today we wrapped another great conference in, of all places, Irvine (our third great time there). I can’t remember the last time we had so many terrific new writers at a single SCWC. Not only talented, but creepily well-behaved to book. Here’s who won awards…

• OUTSTANDING FICTION: Lori Hartman Gervasi
from Rancho Cucamonga, CA for Untitled

from Dallas, TX for The Q Awakening

• OUTSTANDING FICTION: Alwyn Martin Pinnow
from York, PA for Untitled

• OUTSTANDING SCREENPLAY: Jeff Michaels & Jill Q. Weiss
from Huntington Beach, CA for A Father’s Love

• TOPIC: Paul Durant
from Long Beach, CA for Shoe: A Memoir

• TOPIC: Walter Golden
from Placentia, CA for Untitled

Pop on over to to read the winning topic award stories.



SD23 award winners announced

February 22, 2009

With considerable competition in the mix, it wasn’t easy declaring who would be honored this time around, but after two nights of high-spirited debate — and by high-spirited, of course, I mean bourbon — a consensus was found among the authors, agents and editors attending. Here are the SCWC*SD 23 Award Recipients:

• OUTSTANDING FICTION >> Reina Lisa Menasche
from Spring Valley, CA for Every Holiday on Ice
• OUTSTANDING FICTION >> Reina Lisa Menasche
from Spring Valley, CA for Silent Bird
from Moscow, Russia for Moscow Traffic
• OUTSTANDING TOPIC >> Gayle Carline
from Placentia, CA for Home to Roost
from Poway, CA for Regret

Congratulations to all, and to the so many other emerging writers who attended San Diego with work that never sucked as much as it could have. Check out the site for all the latest details.