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Finally, real website solutions for writers

November 2, 2010

A writer without a cool, feature-rich website is likely a writer without many readers. But learning how to create a dynamic, professionally polished website that can take advantage of the many tools freely available to help authors better reach their audience and build their brand can be time consuming, frustrating, expensive, or all three.

As announced at our LA8 event in September, SCWC webmaster and popular workshop leader Jeremy Lee James has introduced a new service for writers and other indie-creatives who want a super-simple, affordable way to launch and maintain a quality, feature-rich website with minimal brain damage. Called Write Click Hosting, check it out here and have your own slick, writerly website up for your readers in a matter of minutes.



News from our neighbors here at WordPress

April 11, 2008

I missed this.

From our own neighbors here at WordPress. See, one of the things we’ve been accustomed to seeing of late has been what I consider the discouraging popularity of bad websites. Of course, what this most likely means is that I’m just not hip. Indeed, many of you probably like the web phenomenon known as Lolcats.

For those of you that somehow do not know what they are, the best I can say is to not let it worry you. Actually, I’ll do one better. If you don’t know what the damn things are, stop reading this post right now. That’s right. Move on. Go find some porn, or something. Seriously. Preferably hardcore. Maybe take up a heroin habit while you’re at it. That way you’ll at least be doing something more productive than thinking about … well, the unspeakable horror that comes next.
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