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A sordid kind of love

August 30, 2011

Ah, Edwin.

As our sordid barman wrestles with his own vanity, one commenter offers the sort of compliment that only a writer can love:

You’re not ugly. But you do kind of look like the love child of Waylon Jennings and Louis CK.

(Sorry, man. I just couldn’t resist.)



Edwin Decker’s “Armageddon of Queer”

April 2, 2010

Celebrated San Diego City Beat columnist (and SCWC staffer) Edwin Decker reads a piece from his Best of Sordid Tales at this past weekend’s 6th Annual San Diego IndieFest.



“Schmoozing and Boozing” at the SCWC

February 2, 2009

From our good friend Ed Decker, SCWC staffer and wildly popular City Beat columnist…

About 25 million years ago, when monkeys ruled the earth, I wrote a novel. That book – which I furiously banged out on a Brother word processor, day and night, until the carpal tunnel spread to my neck, spine and colon – was a giant kettle of crap. And I don’t mean the kind of crap that most first time novelists produce due to inexperience, rather, the kind of crap that exists within the writer’s DNA, the kind of crap that no amount of experience or workshopping can ever flush – this crap was the kind of crap about which the Mother of All Craps could be proud.

“That’s my boy!” the Mother of All Craps was often heard saying about this novel.

Not having a predilection toward delusions of grandeur, I permanently shelved the tome and sought a career in journalism. This way, I could still be an author without having to write, or revisit, or even think about – ugh – books.

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