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SCWC*LA(ish) 7 award winners

October 4, 2009

Only one week ago today we wrapped another great conference in, of all places, Irvine (our third great time there). I can’t remember the last time we had so many terrific new writers at a single SCWC. Not only talented, but creepily well-behaved to book. Here’s who won awards…

• OUTSTANDING FICTION: Lori Hartman Gervasi
from Rancho Cucamonga, CA for Untitled

from Dallas, TX for The Q Awakening

• OUTSTANDING FICTION: Alwyn Martin Pinnow
from York, PA for Untitled

• OUTSTANDING SCREENPLAY: Jeff Michaels & Jill Q. Weiss
from Huntington Beach, CA for A Father’s Love

• TOPIC: Paul Durant
from Long Beach, CA for Shoe: A Memoir

• TOPIC: Walter Golden
from Placentia, CA for Untitled

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Couple more literary reps added

August 4, 2009

The tentative SCWC*LA7 schedule for September’s conference is now posted. A couple more additions have been made on the literary reps front, as well. From Manus Entertainment, Marc Manus will be with us, accepting advance submissions of screenplay. In particular, he’s on the hunt for original voices with a strong sense of concept in the action, comedy and thriller genres. He likes good biographical subject matter too. And from the Andy Ross Literary Agency, agent Andy Ross is aboard, looking for narrative nonfiction dealing with history, politics and current events, science, journalism, and cultural subjects. Andy brings a unique perspective of publishing trends and the retail book market to the scene as, before forming his agency, he was owner and general manager of Cody’s Books in Berkeley, CA, recognized as one of the greatest independent bookstores in the nation. How cool is that!



What the professional screenwriter knows

January 13, 2009

In preparation of the upcoming 9-week Screenwriting I course, I’d like everybody attending to get grounded in my approach, philosophy and expectations of you, the emerging screenwriter…

Compared to a novel, writing a screenplay is easy. The parameters in which one has to work are so clearly defined as to leave little room for deviation. Point-blank: action takes place at a location; dialogue facilitates the action. However, successful scriptwriting, a shrewd balance of words and plot and characters and action, is in itself no meager achievement. The ability to motivate a reader/agent/producer/prospective investor/director/actor to turn from one written page to the next, then deliver on expectations roused–that is what the business of writing screenplays is all about. Determining whether the script you’ve written accomplishes these goals hinges on the ability to present yourself as a professional screenwriter.

My definition of “professional” is a screenwriter who’s completed a script that 1) Does not lose its audience because of lackadaisical storytelling or esoteric overkill; 2) Does not lose its audience because of superfluous camera direction or pedantic action description; and 3) Does not lose its audience.
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Hick’s hot…

September 14, 2008

SCWC*LA6 workshop leader Andrea Portes is having a helluva year since the release of her bestselling, critically vaunted breakout novel, Hick. Quickly acquired for film, Andrea just finished the screenplay and already word it out: It’s one of the two hottest scripts swishing in the sweat.

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