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January publishing sales

March 23, 2010

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) reports for the month of January 2010, book sales decreased by 0.7 percent at $814.9 million and were down by 0.7 percent for the year.

The Adult Hardcover category dipped 8.1 percent in January 2010 with sales of $55.6 million a decrease of 8.1 percent compared to January 2009. Adult Paperback sales increased by 0.8 percent for the month ($103.2 million) and were up by 0.8 percent compared to January last year. The Adult Mass Market category declined by 0.5 percent for January with sales totaling $56.0 million; sales were down by 0.5 percent year for the month. The Children’s/YA Hardcover category decreased by 41.6 percent for the month with sales of $31.7 million, a decrease for the month by 41.6 percent. The Children’s/YA Paperback category decreased by 18.1 percent in January with sales totaling $30.7 million; sales were down by 18.1 percent compared to January 2009.

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March book sales down

June 12, 2008

AAP reports March downturn for domestic book sales.

Book sales in March declined 11% to $462.1 million, based on data from 79 publishers as reported to the Association of American Publishers. Sales for the year to date rose 1.3% to $1.71 billion.

Stronger categories:

E-books rose 58.9% (with sales of $4.4 million).
Children’s/YA paperbacks were up 9.1% ($51.3 million).
Adult paperbacks sales rose 6.2% ($138.5 million).
El-Hi basal and supplemental K-12 gained 3.9% ($153.3 million).
Children’s/YA hardcovers increased 2.4% ($48.1 million).

Weaker categories:

Audiobooks fell 44% ($11 million).
Adult hardcovers were down 25.9% ($103.1 million).
Religious books decreased 25.5% ($47.6 million).
University press paperbacks dropped 14% ($3.7 million).
Adult mass market declined 10.9% ($67.4 million).
University press hardcovers fell 5.7% ($5.9 million).
Professional and Scholarly books were down 4.6% ($46.8 million).

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