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Inspiration/Digression: Artistic considerations

March 29, 2010

Chinua Achebe (photo by Michael Prince)And how about some interesting (or not) artistic distractions?

And now, a young guitarist makes musician Tanita Tikaram jealous:



A personal recommendation

January 9, 2008

Avid readers in the San Diego area ought to take notice that Robin Hobb is coming to Mysterious Galaxy. The coincidence is bittersweet, though, since I won’t be in town.

Nonetheless, I wanted to post a note, since Ms. Hobb is one of my favorite and most respected authors despite the fact that I am, literally, years behind in my reading. The thing is that, with only a couple of exceptions, I don’t read much serial fantasy. It has just never been my thing. But Ms. Hobb’s stories are richly-textured, intricately-woven tales worthy of myriad excessive adjectives. Once upon a time I had the good fortune to spend some time chatting with her at the now-defunct Northwest Bookfest in Seattle, and I picked up a copy of Ship of Magic, the first book of the Liveship trilogy. She kindly signed the book for me, and it went straight onto my shelf, unread, where it languished, literally, for years; I brought it down once to amuse some co-workers who were familiar with some of the fishing vessels named in the book’s dedication. And, yes, I’m so embarrassed to admit to this. But serial fantasy, as I noted, has just never been my thing.

One day, though, for reasons not clear to me, I finally brought the book down and actually read it. And, truly, it made me feel stupid. No, that shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing. I just couldn’t believe I had waited eight years to read it.

And still, I haven’t managed to catch up on Robin Hobb’s stories. Of four trilogies I’ve managed a whole three titles over the years. Because, well, you know … serial fantasy just … er … yeah.

I have no excuse. And neither, having read this, will you. Haul yourself on over to Mysterious Galaxy on Sunday, January 13. Renegade’s Magic, the third title in Robin Hobb’s Soldier Son trilogy, hit the shelves just yesterday. Check the link above for the necessary details, and enjoy.