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Dogs, dragons and Michele Scott

March 25, 2009

Author and SCWC workshop leader Michele Scott (Wine Lovers Mysteries and Equestrian Horse Lovers Mysteries) has a new novel out, Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge (QUAKE/Echelon Press). A modern-day fantasy geared to “tween” readers, Michele discusses her departure from the mystery genre, her career as a prolific novelist and, yes, her dog in this interview at Candid Canine. Be sure to read to the end, and you might just win a free copy of the book. Michele, btw, will be conducting a couple of new workshops debuting at the Irvine conference come September. More on that later!



KYSL SD23: Michele Scott

January 30, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

I would write a joke here about wine snobs nitpicking details of Michele Scott’s Wine Lover’s Mysteries, but I haven’t encountered any, and I’m not enough of a wine aficionado to write one myself. That’s not to say I’m not a snob—I don’t drink white wine—but this isn’t about me. Like many, her path to writing novels began at an early age, in her case all of nine. But it wasn’t until 2004, after graduating from USC, and ten years of hard work that Michele finally got the call. Her second series, the Equine Mysteries, appeared on bookshelves in 2006.

And if that’s not enough, with eight titles split between two series, she’s undertaking a third project, with a book for young readers, Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge slated for release in February under the name M.K. Scott. She’s also active in the blogosphere, which point I’ve utterly neglected for our other workshop leaders, so I suppose an apology should go here, there, or somewhere.

In addition to reading some of your advance submissions, Michele Scott will be conducting a workshop called, “Writing Niche Mystery: The Broad Based Target Market“. (I have a note suggesting a second workshop, but no title. I’ll get back to you on that.)