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Quick Query Critiques 6 & 7

June 24, 2010

Author/editor Marla Miller troubleshoots what we’ll call one writer’s query “the penis” letter, both as initially written (#6), then after a rewrite (#7).  Pretty fascinating.

Watch QQC 6

Watch QQC 7



A “Quick Query Critique” video

May 4, 2010

From, author/editor Marla Miller troubleshoots one writer’s agent query letter.



KYSL SD23: Marla Miller

February 11, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

It’s always, “Marla! Marla! Marla!”

Okay, maybe not. But it should be. Just so I can say that.

Because Marla Miller, in addition to being another longtime friend of SCWC, is one of those people I should simply be in awe of. She is editor-in-chief of Location 3 Magazine (slap me if I got the wrong link), author of All American Girls: The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, and a former longtime columnist for the Orange County Register. There’s also the work as a nurse practitioner, the column for The Writer Magazine, the radio show distributed through NPR, and articles for a host of outlets, including Reader’s Digest and the Los Angeles Times.

She brings her expertise to new and working writers through various conferences and even the University of California-Irvine Extension. As an editor, she has advised two best-sellers, and maybe I’m reaching, but her website tells us she has three great daughters and a sweetie who all love her.

And you, too, can have all of this. Well, your own version. I don’t think the great daughters and a sweetie are part of the package.

But the rest? She’ll tell you some secrets in her workshop, “Pitch it to Me: Let’s Fix Your Book Pitch!

Oh, yes …. Participants are advised to bring some pages from their current manuscript—one to three should suffice—so that she can do some hands on troubleshooting, which means you might get a few minutes in the spotlight. Sound scary? Get over it. It’s worth every minute, and more.



Hedge your bets and Beat the Book!

September 16, 2008

Wes and I have long sought to provide a conference rotation schedule that would enable writers to attend one SCWC with only an idea or raw draft, then, over the course of a year, by tapping into subsequent SCWC events — utilizing the workshop leaders, read & critique troubleshooting, etc. — yield a firmly polished manuscript in 12 months. Whether starting with the San Diego, L.A. or Palm Springs conferences, the routinely available touchstone to the community would be in place to expedite completion of a commercially viable book.

Managing three quality conferences a year in effort to achieve that aim, however, is tough. Takes a lot of time to put on a good conference, let alone three. But I think we’ve come up with a solution that we’ll be debuting in a couple weeks in Irvine. It’s called Beat the Book, a private year-long “workshop” brought to us by one of our favorite workshop leaders, Marla Miller, and her colleague and friend of the conference, Lynn Vannucci.

Get the Beat the Book skinny here and let us know what you think.