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A forgotten mystery solved

January 24, 2008

Somewhere in the family is a book checked out from a school library in 1977. It might be in a storage unit. Or perhaps I’m wrong, and the thing was thrown out over the years. Hey, don’t look at me … I didn’t check the book out. Honest. I was only four years old in 1977. And I certainly wouldn’t have thrown a book out. But we did recently clean out one of the last old storage units full of stuff from our childhood, and I don’t recall seeing it.

Anyway, thirty years is nothing. Or so we learn from the Associated Press:

It’s a novel but it’s created a mystery — where has the overdue book been for the past 57 years? “We don’t have records that go back that far,” said Lori Belongia, director of the Marshfield Public Library. “We don’t know who checked it out.”

The book “Northern Lights” by Roger Vercel turned up in the book drop about a month ago.

Published in 1948, its most recent checkout stamp reads either March or May 10 of 1950.

One thing does strike me oddly, though. While the library apparently doesn’t have check-out records running back that far, it does apparently have the records showing that the hardcover book was purchased in 1948. For $1.93.