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Can I be sarcastic without a disclaimer?

December 1, 2011

Zach Weiner, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, November 30, 2011I would be remiss if I did not point you to Zach Weiner’s latest recent cartoon atrocity frame of profundity.

You know, that little picture on the right. Click it. Go on. It won’t bite.

(You are aware, of course, that I’m being sarcastic? I mean, the bit about the atrocity. SMBC is one of the best comics going on the web. Or is this somehow not a useless disclaimer? Never mind; I’m just confusing myself.)



Hick’s hot…

September 14, 2008

SCWC*LA6 workshop leader Andrea Portes is having a helluva year since the release of her bestselling, critically vaunted breakout novel, Hick. Quickly acquired for film, Andrea just finished the screenplay and already word it out: It’s one of the two hottest scripts swishing in the sweat.

Get the skinny here.