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Inspiration and other notes

April 14, 2010

Seed Cathedral, via DezeenIn case you need something to help you pass the time on a Wednesday afternoon:

And now, just because it hides the stitches (boring story), a picture of me with a beard:

BD in b/w

And I wasn't even drunk ... when I fell, at least.



Gayle Carline sells her book — 17 of them, to be exact

April 29, 2009

Author Gayle Carline’s awesome debut novel, Freezer Burn (Echelon Press), is due to be released in July. The awesome L.A. Times book festival took place this past weekend. Echelon’s publisher phoned Gayle two days before with some unexpected news.

For a fine lesson in timing, marketing savvy, and the ability of one writer to keep her wits about her without the benefit of a fistful of pharmaceuticals, check out Gayle’s blog, On the Edge of the Chair of Literature.



Gayle Carline on her new novel

April 21, 2009

Columnist and longtime SCWCer Gayle Carline’s Freezer Burn is out shortly from Echelon Press. Here’s a little glimpse into the characters Gayle had to wrestle with in her debut comedic mystery.



Bwa-Ha! Some hot woman-on-writing action

February 22, 2009

Multi-SCWC-topic award winning conferee, columnist and upcoming debut author with her novel Freezer Burn (Echelon Press), Gayle Carline is also a runner-up in the recent WOW-Women on Writing Summer 2008 Flash Fiction Contest. Besides making her piece, “Quarter Life,” available for reading, they conducted an interview with Gayle that’s also well worth the read.

Also, Gayle won for the third time a Topic Award for her flash fiction at last weekend’s San Diego 23 conference. Be sure to pop over and read her entry, “Home to Roost.”



Speaking of Echelon Press

October 2, 2008

Conferee Gayle Carline, whose debut novel, Freezer Burn, is out next year from Echelon Press, posted on her own blog a nifty summary of what she walked away with from LA6’s “Intuitive Structure: Exploiting What You Know” workshop. It was conducted by Trai Cartwright, who joined us for the first time in Irvine, and, according to all the latest feedback, rocked the house.

In a nutshell, Gayle pretty much had a partial meltdown about her book, its sequel, all future books, and the state of American literature as defined by that Horace’s arse in Oslo (see previous post). Then she had a refreshing cocktail with us and all was again right with Irvine. Or at least as “right” as Irvine can get — which, frankly, is pretty extreme right, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, read Gayle Carline’s blog here.



Three Cheers: Gayle gets a deal!

June 13, 2008

(Updated: See below.)

Congratulations to our good friend Gayle Carline, who sent us the following announcement:

I just accepted an offer by Echelon Press to publish my very first novel, Freezer Burn. It’s a murder mystery, set in my hometown of Placentia. Briefly:

Peri Minneopa has traded her housecleaning career for a private investigator’s license. Her timing seems perfect, especially when she cleans a former client’s freezer and finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring.

We’re waiting on any further details, but for now it is enough to simply cheer—


    You go, girl!

    Knock ’em dead, kid!

—and all that sort of thing.

Good show, Gayle!

And let us not leave out Karen Syed and Echelon Press, who are good friends of the SCWC. Perhaps we are a bit biased, but picking up Gayle is definitely a good move. Personally, I can’t be doing any drinking tonight, but rest assured I’ll be raising a glass to both the first opportunity I get.

So hip, hip, and hoo-ray Gayle, and do let us know when you have a release date!

Update: The deal apparently was reached without agent representation, but Gayle did mention—and we certainly must acknowledge—the efforts of her editor, the inimitable Jean Jenkins.



Celebrating the dead

April 28, 2008

I would ask you all to remind me to never get married, except that, frankly, I don’t think it’s going to be much of an issue. For those, however, who do need reminding, look no further than Placentia’s own Gayle Carline and the friends she made back in Dayton, Ohio. I wish I could say something about how she never thought that moment would see the light of day, something to strike the fear of God into her, but the truth is that she actually volunteered this information and, truth told, she’s got a good delivery and a great recovery.

Our Angel of the O.C. can be found starting at around 2:47.

And, Gayle, you’re on notice. You’re giving the opening night speech at Irvine this year. Okay, it’s your call, I guess: five minutes in front of the room or a half hour listening to MSG. (I’ll have Edwin tell Wes to break the news gently.)



We love having readers (egomania?)

April 10, 2008

I wanted to take some time to consider a couple of comments from our readers since, well, we have them. Both readers and comments, I mean. Truly, we’re delighted to have them.

Our friend Gayle noted, in response to my not-so-subtle hint that I never know what I’m doing:

I really did think you were, like, totally in charge, knew what needed to be done, etc.

Truth told, I only came up with the idea, and that only because I was in a particularly snotty mood. I had been lecturing a friend on his own blog, which I felt he could utilize to much better results. And in telling him about the weblog of one of my favorite authors, and how the writer managed to strengthen his relationship with readers, I strayed into dangerous territory. I told him about being surprised at LA5 when I found out there was no email list for regular updates on speaker selection, workshop development, and general conference news. Of course, what are we, The Young and the Restless? (“Will Michael spurn Wes for Edwin, or will they compromise in time to attend the Friday Night Poetry Slam together?”)

Real cliffhanger, that.
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