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A sordid kind of love

August 30, 2011

Ah, Edwin.

As our sordid barman wrestles with his own vanity, one commenter offers the sort of compliment that only a writer can love:

You’re not ugly. But you do kind of look like the love child of Waylon Jennings and Louis CK.

(Sorry, man. I just couldn’t resist.)



A little bird told me ….

July 18, 2011

Good news from our friend Mr. Decker:

Edwin Decker starts the rumor-mill for his forthcoming anthology.

Unfortunately, the comma is included with the hyperlink in that one, so it doesn’t go through. That’s okay, though. Anyone interested in Puna Press, or in bugging them about release dates for Bartender in Heat: The Anthology (can you work an orgy joke into the title?) can just click on the link in this sentence.

Or follow his ramblings on Twitter.

Or Facebook.

Ye gads and huckleberries. I need to catch up on this social networking thing. Hell, I thought the internet was still a series of interconnected tubes.

Never mind. Just make good with Decker, so he’ll remember you when he gets invited on Rachel Maddow‘s show to discuss cocktails.

And, yes. I know the title of this post sucks. It’s supposed to; I’m a sucker for bad jokes.



Did you know it’s National Poetry Month?

April 22, 2010

I would be remiss if I somehow passed the whole month of April without noting that it is National Poetry Month. Or maybe I should clear my throat and look around deliberately, muttering, “Where’s Decker?”

Blue Dragonfly, by Miroslaw SwietekOver at The Rumpus, they are celebrating with original poetry every day.

Today’s contribution is “Guaranteed to Work Throughout Its Useful Life“, what could justly be called innovative free verse, by Steven D. Schroeder. In truth, and it’s probably just me, none of them are rattling my bellhammer, so to speak. I mean, it’s ten-thirty in the morning, I’m sober as a rock in the parking lot, and (fill in the excuse here).

You know, just one of those days.

So … try “English Sonnet, by Dan Albergotti, if for no other reason than to learn why “ghoti” is pronounced “fish“.

If anyone would like to contribute some of their own poetry, post in the comments. Far be it from me to stop you. Indeed, we welcome your efforts, and much appreciate your words.


Photo by Miroslaw Swietek, via The Daily Mail.

(I would also be remiss if I did not remind our poets that the 8th Annual Los Angeles gathering of the Southern California Writers’ Conference is coming to Newport Beach in September. Nor would I be faithful to duty if I didn’t keep pointing out that you can save $75—that’s a 19.8% discount, folks—if you sign up before June 1. Rally up, poets! Decker would be sad if we didn’t hear from you. And you don’t want that, do you? Do you?)


Edwin Decker’s “Armageddon of Queer”

April 2, 2010

Celebrated San Diego City Beat columnist (and SCWC staffer) Edwin Decker reads a piece from his Best of Sordid Tales at this past weekend’s 6th Annual San Diego IndieFest.



KYSL SD23: Edwin Decker, stylin’

January 28, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

Edwin Decker … what in the world can I possibly say about our own sordid poet? An SCWC associate, Edwin is best known for his Sordid Tales” column for San Diego City Beat, a few of which he’s done us the honor of posting here. And he’s also appeared in several (at least) newspapers around the country, and even one in Canada. (He once published an article up in my corner, in Seattle’s The Stranger, but … never mind. I’ll have to ask him myself.)

He’s also published a collection of poetry—Barzilla and Other Psalms—which is, of course, his specialty here at SCWC. Mr. Decker is bringing us his popular Interactive Poetry Cram, this time titled, “On the Page and In Your Face“. Participants should be advised that they are expected to bring two poems, and yes, they will be reading to their fellows. Questions, curses, or midnight confessions should be sent directly to Ed.

No excuses will be accepted, though, unless you buy him a drink first.


h1 launches May 1

April 29, 2008

Word San Diego was a free monthly print publication that we lost a few years ago.  That was a sad thing because WSD had become the sole means of finding out nearly anything and everything pertinent to our vast and eclectic community of San Diego writers after we lost the Writers’ Bookstore and Haven back in the day. Well, today I get a notice that David Boyne and his gang of rousing writerly irregulars are back with a new iteration of the paper — and I’m damn pleased to hear it because, in writing, attitude is everything and this gang had plenty of attitude.

It officially launches on May 1st and offers great deals for San Diego writers, booksellers, editors, et al to promote themselves, their services, their pets and everything else writing related — for FREE!  Do check out the site at for all the skinny and be sure to drop ’em a note to show your support and welcome them back into the fray.

BTW, look at this little ditty I found in the archives: a 2002 interview with Edwin Decker by Terrie Relf.



Speaking of Decker…

April 15, 2008

Ed Decker at SD22…(as usual), here’s a shot of him preparing to gong the ceremonial opening gong of the advance submission one-on-ones at SD22. Notice him being his sly, bad self by trying to simultaneously flash both the universally known author-gang AND even more challenging S-C-W-C-author-gang street hoodie finger flash with only one hand — a feat no writer known to me has managed to pull off while glibly striking the ceremonial gong. Yo.

Does he make the needed magic? You be the judge.



We love having readers (egomania?)

April 10, 2008

I wanted to take some time to consider a couple of comments from our readers since, well, we have them. Both readers and comments, I mean. Truly, we’re delighted to have them.

Our friend Gayle noted, in response to my not-so-subtle hint that I never know what I’m doing:

I really did think you were, like, totally in charge, knew what needed to be done, etc.

Truth told, I only came up with the idea, and that only because I was in a particularly snotty mood. I had been lecturing a friend on his own blog, which I felt he could utilize to much better results. And in telling him about the weblog of one of my favorite authors, and how the writer managed to strengthen his relationship with readers, I strayed into dangerous territory. I told him about being surprised at LA5 when I found out there was no email list for regular updates on speaker selection, workshop development, and general conference news. Of course, what are we, The Young and the Restless? (“Will Michael spurn Wes for Edwin, or will they compromise in time to attend the Friday Night Poetry Slam together?”)

Real cliffhanger, that.
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Inflatable aliens, Japanese stewardesses, Typhoid Buby, and more filking (this time with Hobbits)

March 29, 2008

So the update on Norwescon is only about a week overdue. Um …. yeah. That would be my fault, obviously, but I’m guessing nobody noticed.

So first up, the Saturday reports from The Stranger‘s Paul Constant:

What? This is how it goes up here in the great northland. Maybe this would all seem strange to me if I spent more time in southern California.

The Sunday reports are a little more interesting. Well, sort of. It’s a perspective thing.

  • Norwescon Sunday: Report One — Umm … yeah. So, how do you feel about erotic inflatable aliens? ‘Nuff said? Actually, no, it’s not. It seems this report deals with the Saturday-night parties, and should not be viewed by persons of delicate sensibilities or who have at least a half a brain. I won’t say anything about setting hair on fire, either. I mean … whoops.
  • Norwescon Wrap-Up — And y’all thought Typhoid Buby’s poetry cram disaster at SD22 was bad …. Beware, though, as this report includes disturbing notions on “fanfic”, and the phrase “Hobbit Filking”, which scares me even more than the words “Hobbit Country Dancing”.

And that’s pretty much it. I was thinking about a way to work in a happy hour update just for Ed, but it’s only peripherally relevant, and the related event has already taken place … some two-thousand miles away. Er … yeah.