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Broke Book Mountain

June 21, 2010



“Avatar” Depression: A response I wrote to something someone said somewhere else

January 15, 2010

Image from James Cameron's "Avatar"“Avatar Depression”, such as it is, should not be ridiculed. No, I’m not going to argue that these people actually have lives and such; rather, I would point to the tragic implications. Life in these modern times is basically unsatisfactory for almost everyone. Neuroses are a bit like sins; if you claim to be without any, you’re enacting it.

But what if life is so unsatisfactory that people seek escapist cures? Now, wait; this isn’t so odd in and of itself—what do you think religion is? One could easily, and somewhat soundly, theorize that modern life is so challenging to the primal instinct that people really don’t have much for an outlet. Yes, Avatar is dazzling and full of hope and promise; yes, it reflects much we wish could be true about this world, and if it was we probably wouldn’t be the defiantly moronic species we are.

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