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Desperately seeking debut novelists

December 20, 2009

From Alan Rinzler’s blog, The Book Deal: An Insider’s View of Publishing, come’s this little piece that is a welcomed reprieve for emerging authors…

Publishers desperately seeking insanely great debut novelists

“Everybody’s looking for the next big thing — a work of great literary fiction from an unknown writer who’s never been published.”

That’s according to Jay Schaefer, an editor-at-large at Workman Publishers in New York City and its subsidiary, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Schaefer, a publishing veteran best known for producing the huge best seller Under the Tuscan Sun during his long tenure at Chronicle Books, spoke with me the other day after making the rounds at two writers conferences out here on the West Coast.

“Every editor I saw was prowling the workshops and the grassy slope outside the conference, searching high and low for the next undiscovered debut novelist,” Schaefer said.

“No question, good debut novels are getting snapped up and published.”

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DeAnna Cameron’s success is seductive

May 13, 2009

With the release of her dazzling debut novel only weeks away, praise for DeAnna Cameron’s The Belly Dancer (Berkley) continues to mount. Lynette Brasfield (Booksense pick Nature Lessons: A Novel) calls it, “A beautifully written page-turner… transports readers into an exotic and sensual world within a world.” Brenda Rickman Vantrease (Illuminator and The Mercy Seller) raves, “The characters in this novel will dance right off the page and into your imagination! Cameron’s representation of late nineteenth century Chicago is rich and evocative, and the whispered echoes of old New Orleans in Dora’s fragmented memory left me hoping this author goes there with her next novel.”

And from the author herself,

“I’m a former attendee of your Los Angeles & San Diego writers conferences, and the novel I was working on will be published by Berkley Books on July 7. I thought I would pass along the good news because I received some great help at both conferences, particularly from Drusilla Campbell, Bob Mayer, Laura Taylor and Mike Sirota on writing, and Gordon Kirkland on treating your writing like a business. The support and guidance I received helped keep me focused and motivated, and I’m happy to recommend your conferences to anyone who’s seriously pursing a writing career.”

Along with Teresa Burrell (The Advocate) and Gayle Carline (Freezer Burn), DeAnna’s release makes for the third successful SCWCer to get published this year. See more of The Belly Dancer at



Gayle Carline on her new novel

April 21, 2009

Columnist and longtime SCWCer Gayle Carline’s Freezer Burn is out shortly from Echelon Press. Here’s a little glimpse into the characters Gayle had to wrestle with in her debut comedic mystery.



The webs one writer weaves to success

August 15, 2008

Author, journalist, and San Diego & Palm Springs conferee Darlene Quinn’s first novel, Webs of Power, is out Sept. 1. A “raw, unsentimental portrayal of greed, manipulation, and relationships set in the excessive, insatiable retail industry of the 1980s,” award-winning author Laura Taylor (Honorbound) proclaims, “Darlene Quinn expertly captures the drama, greed, and emotional tumult of personal lives gone awry during the hostile takeover attempt of a high-end retail chain.” And from Maralys Wills (Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead): “With obvious ‘insider’s’ knowledge, Darlene Quinn has created a web of intrigue that draws the reader into the best and worst of the retailer’s world.”

Visit and Emerald Book to read all about it, and be sure to watch the book trailer for Webs of Power. Congratulations, Darlene!



Diary of a Debut Author video

May 19, 2008

There’s nothing like getting your first book published — except maybe getting your second, third and fourth book published. ‘Tween author Jessica Burkhart’s debut novel, Take the Reins, isn’t out from Aladdin ’til January ’09. But prolific blogger she is, and quite generous with sharing her writer’s journey, this little video she posted should serve to remind every emerging author that there’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of validation (except maybe The Call from your agent).



“First to Kill” slays ’em

April 15, 2008

Author Andrew Peterson, former conferee gone bigtime author with his debut thriller, First to Kill (Dorchester, Sept. 2008), is one of our special guest speakers for the upcoming conference in Irvine.  Totally on top of his game and already garnering mucho blurbs for his terrific debut novel, Andy’s showing all the marketing savvy required to launch a book keenly in this increasingly noisy world of electronic distration by having a great website to support it to begin with.  Visit and openly imbibe.

Good job, Andy, and kudos to SCWC staffer, author/freelance editor Laura Taylor for the always excellent assist!