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But How Could I Not Mention It?

April 29, 2015

Raymond Carver

So here’s a question: Do I promote a contest with an entry fee?

Or perhaps the entry fee ($15-17) isn’t so substantial for the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest via Carve magazine.

Six-thousand words, maximum, with prizes ranging from $125 to $1,000. Deadline is 15 May.

Right. Have at it. I have no affiliation with this magazine or contest, but won’t mention this sort of thing again if people object. Meanwhile, it’s Raymond Carver. It’s short stories. It’s a contest. It’s a chance.

Go. Do. Write.



St. Martin’s submission contest

November 10, 2009

St. Martin’s Press is “actively looking for great, new, cutting edge fiction with protagonists who are slightly older than YA and can appeal to an adult audience. Since twenty-somethings are devouring YA, St. Martin’s Press is seeking fiction similar to YA that can be published and marketed as adult—a sort of an ‘older YA’ or ‘new adult.’”

Requires an online 2-3 sentence hook/pitch and first paragraph of storyI. Deadline is Nov. 20th.

Details here



First Crime Novel Competition deadlines…

October 20, 2008

The deadline to request an entry form for the 2009 St. Martin’s Minotaur/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition is Nov. 15, 2008, followed by the manuscript submission postmark deadline of no later than Nov. 30. Publication and a $10,000 advance on royalties goes to the winner.

>> Here’s the official rules.

Good luck. Don’t suck!



Freaky-weird flash fiction contest

July 31, 2008

Weird Tales: The Original Magazine of Unique, Fantastic & Bizarre is having a contest that sounds rather fun for all you flash fictionalists (you out there Julie Ann?). Write a short-short story of 500 words or less inspired by something in your spam box. Oddly enough, there’s no submission fee. Here’s the details:

Write a flash-fiction story — under 500 words — based on a spam you’ve received. Send your story, along with the headline that inspired it, to before 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 4. The Weird Tales editorial team will judge them, and three winners will be announced at the Weird Tales reception on Friday, Aug. 8 at the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver!

The first-, second-, and third-place winners will all be published online at the week of August 11. The first- and second-place winners will also receive three free issues of Weird Tales; and the first-place winner will also receive an autographed copy of Ekaterina Sedia’s incredible new novel The Alchemy of Stone.

(UPDATE! If you’ve thrown away all your own spam, writer Adam Israel has compiled a humongous collection of spam headlines here. Be forewarned that adult language abounds therein.)

Good luck!



Gordon Kirkland’s beatnik narrative

July 16, 2008

SCWC*San Diego regulars know that author/staffer Gordon Kirkland writes to his own irreverent beat. What many may not know is that he’s one of the cast members of BookTelevision‘s upcoming 3-Day Novel Contest series, which premieres in September. It’s a “reality” show in which a dozen Canadian writers were selected to hole up in a bookstore together and each write a novel from scratch. In 72 hours. It’s like Survivor, but without skinny shirtless people getting wet and whining about their runny guano bulee diet.

Okay, it’s not like Survivor at all because, as we all know, writers don’t whine. They just know a lot about guano.

Regardless, what’s up for grabs is a publishing deal and $5000.00. Though the show was filmed last year the winner won’t be announced until the final episode. In the meantime, here’s some cool video feeds to whet your appetite:

>> Gordon reading an excerpt from his book to the boozy beats of some hep cats lacking berets

>> Video updates from the show itself (update 3, in particular, as this is what author/editor/workshop leader Marla Miller specifically addresses in her session at the upcoming LA6 conference)



Shapiro makes semi-finals

January 16, 2008

Our own Julie Ann Shapiro (Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries) has made made the semi-finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest with her second novel, Three Drop Pennies. Kind’ve like American Idol for the literary-like, you can read an excerpt of the competing novel, post a review and vie for prizes of your own right here. Good luck, Julie!



From the Fire: “A Thin Cloak of Survival”

January 3, 2008

“Tales From the Fires” contestants in search of inspiration should give a few minutes to Janet Wilson’s “A Thin Cloak of Survival“, which ran recently in the Los Angeles Times:

They had drilled on this situation dozens of times, and if anyone remembered the training, it was rookie firefighter Jason Carl. Ninety-two days out of the Orange County fire academy, on a smoky slope in Santiago Canyon, Carl was reaching for the one thing he’d been told he should never need: the flimsy emergency shelters known as shake-n-bakes.

Wilson tells the story of Jason Carl, a rookie firefighter from Huntington Beach, who found himself trapped within the conflagration known as the Santiago Fire. Unable to cut a path out of the fire, Carl’s team hunkered down, deploying emergency shelters, and waited.

Perhaps our own experiences were not nearly so dramatic. Or maybe they were. What did you see? What did you feel? Did you find yourself in a strange place, seeking shelter among hundreds of people you’d never met? Or had you stayed as long as possible, determined to help protect your home? Did you escape with the fire nipping at your heels? Were you stuck in long lines of traffic funneling out of hot zones? Am I being melodramatic enough? Quite obviously, having missed the occasion, I have no idea what I’m asking you to write down for us. Which is, of course, why we need you to write it down.

We want to know your stories. And you want to tell us. Don’t forget to review the contest rules. We’re looking forward to the reading, so good writing to you.


Tales From the Fire

December 12, 2007

Does it sound scary? Well, it need not be. The Southern California Writers’ Conference slated for Presidents’ Day weekend in San Diego includes a special writing contest this year: Tales From the Fire. Contestants will write their best nonfiction accounts of the recent wildfires in southern California:

Entries will be judged by a five-member panel. A first place winner and two honorable mentions will be awarded by the judges. The first place winner will receive a complete SCWC package (lodging not included) to either our 6th Annual Los Angeles or 23rd Annual San Diego event. The winners will be announced Sunday evening at the conference.

Content Rules:

  1. Composition must relate to the events surrounding what are known as the San Diego wildfires of 2007.
  2. One entry per registered conferee.
  3. Entry must not exceed twenty pages, double-space 12 pt.
  4. Entry must be received by the SCWC no later than February 1, 2008.
  5. Mail five hardcopies of entry in one envelope to: SCWC, 1010 University Ave., #54, San Diego, CA 92103.

By submitting an entry into the contest, you agree to allow the SCWC the non-exclusive option to publish your entry on its website, or in a possible conference anthology at a later date.

Please note that the contest deadline is entirely its own. Regular advance submissions for professional readers at the conference must be received by SCWC no later than January 12, 2008.