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“China Lake” makes splash in U.S. via U.K. King

June 29, 2008

Over at Amazon’s book blog,, Jeff VanderMeer interviews American author Meg Gardiner about the circuitous route her novels took finding a U.S. publisher, and reveals some interesting insight into today’s editorial mindset.

Meg Gardiner, China Lake, and Stephen King: The Complete Story
by Jeff VanderMeer on June 24, 2008

Meg Gardiner’s China Lake was released earlier this month by Obsidian Mysteries after a convoluted path to U.S. publication. It’s a firecracker of a novel featuring Gardiner’s trademark character Evan Delaney. In this first of a five-book series, Delaney gets deeply involved in a murder mystery after her ex-sister-in-law Tabitha joins the religious group called the Remnant. The writing throughout is taut and exciting, and I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series, which Obsidian will release shortly. I recently interviewed Gardiner via email about the novel…

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