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A wild thing returns

July 28, 2011

Maurice Sendak, with HermanJust so you know, Maurice Sendak has returned. Dave Eggers brings us the tale of the Wild Thing’s latest book, for Vanity Fair:

Bumble-Ardy is the first book Maurice Sendak has both written and illustrated in 30 years. I called him the other day to talk about it, and we were both surprised it had been that long. “Jesus,” he said. “What have I been doing?” We went through a list. He designed operas here and abroad, illustrated dozens of books—by Tony Kushner and Herman Melville and Shakespeare, among many others—and had a best-seller just a few years ago, in Mommy?, a pop-up book about a boy looking for his mother in a haunted mansion.

But in terms of a book completely his own, Bumble-Ardy is the first since 1981’s Outside Over There. Not that he wants to make a big deal out of it. “People from New York have been calling, to see if I’m still alive. When I answer the phone, you can hear the disappointment in their voice.”

Meanwhile, you can also hear the story about the effort to save a 1961 bedroom mural painted by Maurice Sendak for the Chertoff family of New York, via NPR.