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Another agent announced

November 11, 2008

Joining the SCWC for the first time and looking to expand her list is Literary Works’ founding agent Jacqueline S. Hackett, rep to many bestselling authors including J. California Cooper, Rachel Vassel and Omar Tyree.

Among her recent sales: Daughters of Men: Portraits of African American Women and Their Fathers (Amistad/HarperCollins November 2007), Darker Mask: Superheroes of Color (Tor Books August 2008) Cinescopes: What Your Favorite Movies Say About You (Quirk Books November 2007), Prince: How He Revolutionized Rock N Roll and Survived (St. Martins 2009); The Last Street Novel by Omar Tyree (Simon & Schuster July 2007); Pecking Order (Simon & Schuster September 2008); A Spring Without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply (Lyons Press June 2008); and untitled short story collection and novel by J. California Cooper (Doubleday 2010 and 2011); Saviors or Sellouts: The Promises and Perils of Black Conservatism, From Booker T. Washington to Condoleezza Rice (Beacon Press January 2008); Let’s Get Free: How Ordinary Citizens Can Take Back American Justice (New Press 2009); Girls Inc. Presents: Amazing Girls (Adams Media July 2008); Racial Performance (Oxford University Press 2009) and (Un) Happy Lawyer (Sourcebooks July 2008).

Jacqueline will be accepting advance submissions for review, followed by one-on-one consultation at the conference, of commercial fiction and serious & entertaining nonfiction. Details at



“Crying on the Sidewalk, Talking to ‘Rome'”

October 2, 2008

A conferee from our San Diego 22 event, writer Rich Howard, just got his blog up and running and was kind enough to let us know. For both accomplished and emerging writers everywhere, there’s much to glean from Rich’s entry describing his experience at SD22. My favorite excerpt, however, regards an exchange he had with Echelon Press publisher Karen Syed, during their one-on-one conversation addressing his manuscript:

“I owe you an apology,” she said. I looked at her, baffled. “There may be corrections in these pages somewhere but I was so into what I was reading I forgot to edit.” We both laughed.

Why does that appeal to me? Simple. Distinctive voice and quality storytelling can often transcend the trivial issues found in the opening pages. Engage the reader fully and you can get away with damn near any split infinitive!

Read Rich’s entire post



Advance readers still available

January 15, 2008

A heads up to all those interested in submitting material to a reader prior to the conference, followed by one-on-one consultation at the event, but who missed the deadline. Through the end of January, several of the advance readers will be accepting submissions on a first come, first served basis, including Echelon Press publisher Karen Syed (suspense, mystery, cutting-edge fiction), Night Shade Books editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen (sci-fi, fantasy, horror), Sunbelt Publications editor-in-chief Jennifer Redmond (regional and literary fiction, nonfiction), agents Kelly Skillen, Kelly Sonnack, Elaine Spencer, Sally van Haitsma and Natanya Wheeler, as well as many of our staff authors.

With regards to the agents and editors, most will sell out within the next week so be sure to indicate an alternate reader (second choice). Check for further updates.



Tick … tick … tick … (no pressure)

January 9, 2008

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! Do you work better under pressure? Registered conferees face an upcoming deadline: Saturday, January 12, 2008. This is the date by which your advance critique submissions should be received for review:

Submissions must be in proper format and be received by no later than January 12, 2008. Advance Manuscript Critique is available only to registered conferees and will be returned at the conference. Appointments times for one-on-one sessions will be posted at the Registration Desk.

Address your manuscript to the appropriate Reader in care of the conference (SCWC), 1010 University Ave., #54, San Diego, CA 92103. You may register first then submit your material later, as long as material is received before deadline.

Or see the SCWC website for more information, including notes on manuscript format and reader selection. Time keeps on tickin’ ….

(Are you not a registered conferee? There’s only one solution to that: sign up for the 22nd Annual Southern California Writers’ Conference at San Diego!)


Come together … in San Diego

December 12, 2007

Writers, come together … in beautiful San Diego. February brings the 22nd Southern California Writers’ Conference at San Diego, and the Presidents’ Day weekend conference is shaping up quite nicely.

The latest updates, of course, can be found at (and, hopefully, here as well). Check the online brochure (.pdf) for details, including conference workshop and session leaders, agents and editors who intend to be available, featured speakers, and, of course, registration and advance submission details.

And while we don’t want to play favorites among our workshop and session leaders—it really is an impressive list—it would be equally unfair to leave out the latest developments:

  • From powerhouse independent sci-fi, fantasy and horror publisher Night Shade Books, editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen is aboard for San Diego 22. While not listed in the hardcopy brochure, Jeremy will be on one of the agents & editors panels and accepting advance submissions for follow up one-on-one consultation. Given the genres he specializes in, and with NSB set to launch a general imprint next year, he will likely prove popular.
  • Also not listed in the brochure, following his packed workshops at our L.A. and Palm Springs events, back by popular demand is Shooting Shrink series author and semi-retired psychologist Michael Thompkins. This time around Michael will be conducting two new interactive sessions, “Creating Congruent Characters Part I & Part II,” as well as accepting advance submissions in fiction.

More news to come, but for now keep in mind two very important dates. December 31, 2007 is the last day to register and qualify for the early-bard discount. January 12, 2008 is the deadline for advance submissions. See the brochure for details.