Puppies, Politics, and Gay Dinosaur Sex in Space

August 25, 2016

So … this is still going on:

The Hugo Award℠ logo.Watching Hugo voters choose “no award” instead of their nominees did not teach the Puppies Catholic virtues like humility or grace, however. Instead, many became consumed with rage. If they couldn’t take over the Hugos, the next step was to destroy them.


It’s a tough year for the Hugos; the Puppy Wars will be a movie, someday. To wit:

Tingle, who claims to be a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster and masseuse from Billings, would not allow himself to be used by a bunch of bigots who think his work is an embarrassment just because it’s about gay dinosaur sex in space.

“I would have withdrawn it from consideration,” Gaiman said of discovering that his nomination had Puppy support, “but even that seemed like it would have been giving these sad losers too much acknowledgement.”

And there you essentially have the debate about how to deal with Puppy politics needing your book; there are, I suppose, worse problems to have. Naomi Kritzer makes the point:

“If Wright considers my story unworthy of a Hugo―which is an entirely legit opinion, tastes vary―I would encourage him to take a look at the four other stories that would have been nominees. Would he like them better than mine? Quite possibly! But they were not on the ballot because of a slate he supported and participated in.”

If it really was a good story about Saint Nicholas berating a grieving mother and lecturing about theology, or the space raptor butt invasion, perhaps it wouldn’t sting to be one of the writers left out for the literary analogue of Gamergate. Still, though, we might take a moment to salute Chuck Tingle, who so understood what was going on with this year’s Hugo Awards that he sent Zoë Quinn to accept in his stead should Space Raptor Butt Invasion actually have won.

As it was―

Unfortunately for the mediocre men driving the Puppy campaign, their efforts failed even more spectacularly in 2016. The four winners this year of fiction awards were all women, and three were women of color, none of whom were on Beale’s Rabid Puppies slate.

―readers put the Puppies in their place. It is unfortunate to witness this manner of naked political strife about the Hugo Awards, but as Beth Elderkin notes in her review of Hugo politics and winners, “The big victor of the night was N. K. Jemisin”, and it really is worth enjoying that particular result, given how the white supremacist who put together the Rabid slate saw himself expelled from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America because it was just that important to denigrate a writer of color … (ahem!) … named (cough!) … N. K. Jemisin.

Yeah. Too many Puppies. This is still going on.

What a show.



Elderkin, Beth. “Hugo Awards Celebrate Women in Sci-Fi, Send Rabid Puppies to Doghouse”. io9. 21 August 2016.

Marcotte, Amanda. “The alt-right attacks sci-fi: How the Hugo Awards got hijacked by Trumpian-style culture warriors”. Salon. 23 August 2016.

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