Paperback blues

July 22, 2011

Publisher’s Weekly offers the following tidbit:

All major adult print segments—hardcover, paperback and mass market—showed a decline in sales in May, according to the AAP’s monthly sales report. While e-books showed a steep uptick of 146.9% for the month, bringing in $73.4 million in sales, adult hardcovers dropped 38.2%, adult paperbacks dropped 14.3%, and adult mass market fell 39.4%. For the calendar year, e-books brought in $389.7 million in sales, a 160.1% climb over the same period 2010.

Young Adult paperbacks, as well as a couple of other sectors, did see improved sales in May.

Chris Walters, meanwhile, noted that these numbers apply to traditional publishers:

I’d be curious to see sales numbers for self-published ebooks, which I don’t think are included in these monthly reports put out by the AAP. Although all I have to go on right now are anecdotes, Joe Konrath admitted that he and at least a few other self-pubbed authors saw sales of their ebooks drop in June.

All that can be rightly said, I suppose, is that the times, they are a’changin’.


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  1. Wonderful Bulwer-Lytton! Please, if possible, ask Prof. Sue to contact me at Calliope or lapierna@peoplepc.com

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