The gay man and the uterus

October 13, 2010

David Sedaris, considered by some to be the funniest American writer going, talked with The Guardian last week about his latest book:

“But then a woman came up to me later after I read the story about the rabbit and the unicorn” – in Sedaris’s new collection, Squirrel Meets Chipmunk – “and she said, ‘You know it’s just wild that you read that story because I went to see my gynaecologist yesterday and he said my uterus is shaped like a unicorn.'” Sedaris leans back in his chair, clouds cleared and replaced with a smile of delight. “I mean, someone handed me a gold coin there.”

Fun, fun. I mean, any time you get a gay man and a uterus joke in the same place, right?



One comment

  1. If a woman told me that her uterus was shaped like a unicorn I would die laughing and then apologize. Then I would ask her if she could prove it and then apologize again.

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