The novel lives, or so says Ian McEwan

April 20, 2010

The folks over at The Daily Beast dabble in realms near paradox with what strikes me, at the outset, as good news:

Not long ago, Philip Roth told Tina Brown that the novel will die out in the face of competition from “screens”—television, movies, computers. [Ian] McEwan is more optimistic: “I think we will still need to examine the fine print of human behavior, human relationships,” he says. “So whether people are reading it on an iPad or an old-fashioned book doesn’t seem to be the real issue.”

But to find a detal—and here’s the catch—they want you to watch video of McEwan explaining his perspective.

No, it’s not properly paradoxical, but something strikes me askew about the idea of watching someone explain that the novel is not a dying art form. So much so that I haven’t actually watched it. Let me know if it’s any good.

Nor have I explored the discussion of the frozen phallus. Never mind; you’ll find out.


(Do your part to keep the novel alive. The Southern California Writers’ Conference has scheduled its 8th Annual Los Angeles gathering for September 24-26 in Newport Beach. We’ve already got some great talent aboard, with more updates coming soon. Register before June 1, and get a $75 discount on your conference fees! So keep on writing, come on out, and we’ll see you in Newport Beach.)


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