Inspiration and other notes

April 14, 2010

Seed Cathedral, via DezeenIn case you need something to help you pass the time on a Wednesday afternoon:

And now, just because it hides the stitches (boring story), a picture of me with a beard:

BD in b/w

And I wasn't even drunk ... when I fell, at least.




  1. Geez, I go to Oceanside for a couple of days and what happens? Some guy steals my idea for stuffing a body in a freezer, and I get picked on for having been a flying angel at the Crystal Cathedral. Or, from the picture, maybe I got TOOTH-picked on… doesn’t it look like a big ole ball of toothpicks? At any rate, doesn’t my spending two days with 16 teenagers at a jazz festival earn me any love?

  2. Well, to be honest, Gayle, no. Because you don’t have to earn love. We love you as you are. Then again, you probably don’t want that preacher’s kind of love. And no, I won’t ask if you have a chocolate négligée. I will also forego any suggestions about what love you might have earned from the teenagers. Er, I mean … damn.

    Anyway ….

    Actually, what’s funny about the Seed Cathedral is that the blog where I first picked it up used a different picture, and one of the commenters there said something about it being the biggest anus he ever saw. I chuckled, of course; who doesn’t like an anus joke now and then? But I use Safari for a browser, which has this annoying page it displays instead of “about:blank” when you launch a tab. And in the tiled versions of various frequently-used pages was, of course, this blog. And, well, yeah. All of a sudden, it does look like the world’s biggest … um … yeah.

    If your browser allows the pop-up preview of links, just hover your mouse over the picture above, and you can see it there, too.

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