Random Silly Question of the Day: Bubble Gum

April 9, 2010

To the one, perhaps it is a writer’s duty to drag other people through the long thought processes that often result in exceptionally useless questions. To the other, it’s late as I write this, and I am admittedly tired, so I will spare us all and skip to the point.

Today’s question, for anyone who wants to have a go at it:

    What, exactly, is the flavor of bubble gum?

It’s not exactly a unique flavor, except it is. Every once in a while, in something sweet, I’ll detect a subtle hint of bubble gum flavor. So, yeah, it got me thinking. What components make up the flavor of bubble gum? And what, in 1928, was Walter Diemer thinking when he decided, “This is what we’re going with”? Knowing the invention was an accident isn’t exactly helpful. Was this the only flavor he could manage? Is all of that grape, orange, or cherry-flavored bubble gum I chewed as a kid somehow inferior?


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