Meet the man, be the media

January 14, 2010

David Mathison will join us at SD24. And with all things publishing 3.0 overwhelming writers everywhere in their effort to understand and “establish a platform” by feeding their tweets, increasing their Facebook & Friendster followers, blogging relentlessly, podcasting incessantly, post-baiting ad nauseam, and, somewhere in between, among and around all this time-suck devoted to promoting their work actually write books, who better to address the issues. An internationally recognized media consultant, publisher, radio host, hi-tech entrepreneur, and former vice president with Reuters — the world’s largest news agency — where he pioneered online content syndication, after more than 25 years experience in content distribution, David’s new book, Be The Media, provides an encyclopedic volume of information, online strategies and tactics every author needs to know to succeed. As Friday night’s special guest speaker, you’ll want to take notes.


One comment

  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Of course, I am promoting this event on the blog, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the BlogTalkRadio show: http://www.bethemedia.org/speaking 😉

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