Happy New Year: Here’s some stuff to read

January 14, 2010

Really complicated flow chart about literary libidos.Two weeks in … hey, here’s something to read. Er … yeah. Something like that.

  • The greatest challenge facing authors in the new digital era? Signing autographs.
  • A blast from the past: short fiction by Neil Gaiman, circa 1986.
  • Books, money, and shopping in the twenty-first century. (And Paul Constant responds.)
  • Copyright and public domain, or, why nothing is entering the public domain this year. Via Duke University’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain.
  • Children’s novelist, Newberry winner, and National Book Award recipient becomes national ambassador for young people’s literature, offers time-tested advice.
  • What was the cliché catch-phrase of the year decade? I don’t know, either, but Ron Rosenbaum has given it some thought.
  • Politics, psychology, and art, with Charles Mudede.
  • Katie Roiphe ushered in the new year with a consideration of sex and literature; Seth Colter Walls and Steve Almond seem to think this was a bad idea. Oh, and Sonya Chung would seem to disagree with the disagreement. And that pink graphic above? That’s apparently a big part of what Roiphe was talking about.
  • Go figure.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to all those who lived through it. And my condolences to those who didn’t. And, of course, the grieving … er … yeah. Foresight. I’m sure my father taught me a thing or two about that when I was a wee ‘tard to a swami junebug, but I have no idea right now what that is. I’m pretty sure, though, he never took the time to lecture me on the dangers of a joke going south well before you reach the punch line. Or maybe it’s something about leading off with the punch line.

    So … yeah. I guess that’s where we are.


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