St. Martin’s submission contest

November 10, 2009

St. Martin’s Press is “actively looking for great, new, cutting edge fiction with protagonists who are slightly older than YA and can appeal to an adult audience. Since twenty-somethings are devouring YA, St. Martin’s Press is seeking fiction similar to YA that can be published and marketed as adult—a sort of an ‘older YA’ or ‘new adult.’”

Requires an online 2-3 sentence hook/pitch and first paragraph of storyI. Deadline is Nov. 20th.

Details here




  1. Title: Daughters of Ravenu

    Pitch: Shawni Steadfast and Lilla Sterling are mysteriously transported to the extraordinary world of Ravenu, where in order to survive they must fight for the future of a Kingdom.

    Paragraph: Shawni’s knuckles turned white as she tightened her grip on the steering wheel. Lilla sat silently beside her – her sharp eyes on the winding, narrow road – as rain hammered down on the car. They drove along at a cautious speed but the storm was growing more violent with each passing second. Shawni – who was usually bubbling over with conversation and laughter – was quiet and focused. Her silence was disturbing to Lilla. It signaled that she was genuinely worried…in the history of their friendship, that was usually Lilla’s role.

  2. Pitch:
    In Against All Odds, eighteen-year-old Mary Kilpatrick looks forward to her first year at Boston College, but soon her studies are interrupted by a handsome FBI agent and al-Qaida terrorists. She finds herself caught in a deadly game of intrigue where the stakes are high and growing with every deadly moment.

    1st paragraph:
    Mary said her goodbyes in the kitchen to her family, all except her father who’d be driving her to the bus station. They’d had so little time alone, so little time to talk over the summer. Days seemed to have flown by since her high school graduation, coupled with all the hard work of the farm that kept them busy from dawn to dusk. She took a few minutes to walk through the downstairs, running her hand over the familiar furniture. Nothing would be the same after today.

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