SCWC*LA(ish) 7 award winners

October 4, 2009

Only one week ago today we wrapped another great conference in, of all places, Irvine (our third great time there). I can’t remember the last time we had so many terrific new writers at a single SCWC. Not only talented, but creepily well-behaved to book. Here’s who won awards…

• OUTSTANDING FICTION: Lori Hartman Gervasi
from Rancho Cucamonga, CA for Untitled

from Dallas, TX for The Q Awakening

• OUTSTANDING FICTION: Alwyn Martin Pinnow
from York, PA for Untitled

• OUTSTANDING SCREENPLAY: Jeff Michaels & Jill Q. Weiss
from Huntington Beach, CA for A Father’s Love

• TOPIC: Paul Durant
from Long Beach, CA for Shoe: A Memoir

• TOPIC: Walter Golden
from Placentia, CA for Untitled

Pop on over to WritersConference.com to read the winning topic award stories.



  1. Having heard two of the winners, I must say “Hear, Hear!” When I first heard “A Father’s Love”, my immediate response was “Holy Sh*t!”

    I also had the pleasure of hearing Laura Taylor read Alwyn Martin Pinnow’s piece. I immediately responded that it was “the best thing I’d heard all weekend.” It flashed her character’s life before our eyes as if it were our own. And I have to make her blush just a little. She “just tossed it together on the plane.” Wow!

    I can’t wait to see them both as finished works. And I will.

  2. You “will” see them as finished works — now that’s the attitude!

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