Gayle Carline sells her book — 17 of them, to be exact

April 29, 2009

Author Gayle Carline’s awesome debut novel, Freezer Burn (Echelon Press), is due to be released in July. The awesome L.A. Times book festival took place this past weekend. Echelon’s publisher phoned Gayle two days before with some unexpected news.

For a fine lesson in timing, marketing savvy, and the ability of one writer to keep her wits about her without the benefit of a fistful of pharmaceuticals, check out Gayle’s blog, On the Edge of the Chair of Literature.




  1. Who said there were no pharmaceuticals involved? Unless you don’t count Excedrin…

  2. Gayle, that’s fantastic! How did it feel to see and hold your book for the first time?

  3. Hand-to-God, I thought if I held it too tightly, I’d squeeze extra typos into it! The whole experience is bringing out the 6-year old in me… I hope she’s a good businesswoman.

  4. Your inner child is going to do a great job. I know that I can’t wait to get my autographed copy and shake the hand of the author :-).

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