We, The Writer footage find

March 26, 2009

Look what I found — a cool excerpt from that elusive 1996 doculogue We, The Writer. The picture quality sucks but what Joe Wambaugh, David Brin, Mark Clements and the other authors have to say about the writing process definitely does not.




  1. Great clip, and great question. How many people would still be writers if they had to feed paper into an IBM Selectric? Or write each word out by hand?

  2. I agree one hundred percently, Gayle. Me thinks there’s a great disconnect as of late between what is writing as story-telling versus what is typing innocuous quips about the minutia of mundane musings that some how so many like to think of as “writing.” It’s noise. All part of the ever-evolving cult of personality, the “celebration of me” — of what I think at any given instant, regardless of how un-informed, of what I’m doing, however ridiculously irrelevant. Celebrate me!

    I say, deliver on expectations roused in the audience and tell me a story that warrants the time and attention you’ve requested I invest in your “writing” and maybe, possibly, you might warrant a passing recognition. But that’s just me.

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