Addiction and influence

March 1, 2009

A former bartender dispenses wit and wisdom in a newspaper. No, this isn’t our man Decker, but one Brian McDonald, formerly of New York’s famous Elaine’s.

And on this occasion, McDonald offers some insight into his own literary addiction:

Sure, what drew me to these writers were their words: some terse and declarative, others colorful and descriptive. But the attraction also held something far more sinister: the subtle sound of ice clinking in a glass, the muted laughter of an inside joke told a few tables away, the seductive swirl of cigarette smoke climbing to the barroom ceiling. I couldn’t get enough.



  1. Geez…Is that all that McDonald said? Would love to read the whole article.

  2. Click the words “literary addiction” right before the quote in the post. Or just click these three words.

    (One of the challenges of reading weblogs is that for some reason, internet authors have terrible citation habits. As you read around the blogosphere, you might go days without seeing a quote attributed in any reasonably proper manner. Obviously, bad habits spread like disease. And I’ll forego the opportunity to criticize the redundancy of full MLA citation for web pages. That is, the format makes a certain amount of sense, but I can understand why nobody wants to do it.)

    McDonald, Brian. “Under the Literary Influence”. Proof. February 20, 2009. NYTimes.com. Retrieved March 10, 2009. http://proof.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/20/under-the-literary-influence/

    And that’s still both wrongly-arranged and incomplete.

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