Bwa-Ha! Some hot woman-on-writing action

February 22, 2009

Multi-SCWC-topic award winning conferee, columnist and upcoming debut author with her novel Freezer Burn (Echelon Press), Gayle Carline is also a runner-up in the recent WOW-Women on Writing Summer 2008 Flash Fiction Contest. Besides making her piece, “Quarter Life,” available for reading, they conducted an interview with Gayle that’s also well worth the read.

Also, Gayle won for the third time a Topic Award for her flash fiction at last weekend’s San Diego 23 conference. Be sure to pop over and read her entry, “Home to Roost.”



  1. I adore the title to this post, but at my age, it’s more like, “hot FLASH woman-on-writing action”.

  2. Gayle,
    That’s great. Congratulations! Here’s the latest flash prompt that we came up with last night at the regular Tuesday night writers bash. Are you up for the challenge?


  3. Sure – what are the rules? Do I need to use all the words? What’s my word count limit?

  4. Yes, all the words. Or almost all. We typically do these for fun. Aim for around 500 words. There’s no contest. If you’re up for it come read it at our group next Tuesday in Encinitas. We’re a fun lively bunch.

    About three out of six of the group said they’d defintely go for it. Myself included.

  5. Gayle
    good on you!!! many congrats—remember, marketing is never done!!!

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