KYSL SD23: The Agents and Editors Panel

February 12, 2009

And now, for something completely different.

Introducing our Agents and Editors, who will enlighten and entertain you with insightful discussions with a regular feature of SCWC, the Agents and Editors Panels. There are two of these talks slated, one each on Saturday and Sunday, and if I’m not especially embarrassed that I’ve somehow managed to miss these events at the conferences I’ve attended before (only two!) it’s because I have plenty to be embarrassed about, and at least I’ll survive this.

But, as word gets around, these are very good talks, and I’m just an idiot for having skipped them before. (I’ll spare you the story.)

Thus, some people I really ought to be paying attention to:

  • Claire Gerus packaged her experience as editor-in-chief for two major publishing houses, and from years working for seven other major publishers into a literary agency. During her time in publishing, she oversaw the editing of the first biography of former First Lady Laura Bush, and was recently ranked among the nation’s best literary deal-makers.
  • Kathleen Gilligan works as an editor for Thomas Dunne Books, and has worked with many non-fiction writers on titles including Susan Konig’s Why Animals Sleep So Close, Senator Arlen Specter‘s best-selling portrait of live with cancer, Never Give In. In addition, she has a keen interest in women’s fiction, and to borrow a quote, “Particularly with curious, genuine narrators whose quirks resonate with my own, moving literary fiction, or nonfiction projects that inspire me to cook delicious food!”
  • Jacqueline S. Hackett is an attorney and member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives. She is also the founder of Literary Works, a full-service boutique literary agency. She brings a solid track record to our panel, with recent titles including Michael Schacker’s A Spring Without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply and Rachel Vassel’s Daughters of Men: Portraits of African-American Women and Their Fathers.
  • Jeff Moores represents writers for Dunow, Carlson & Lerner, a Manhattan literary agency with a diverse roster. Equally diverse are his interest, which include literary fiction, voice-driven sci-fi and urban fantasy, narrative nonfiction, memoirs, politics, current affairs, journalism, graphic novels, gay & lesbian, popular culture and popular science.
  • You’ve already met Lynn Price, although I’m sure there’s plenty to add. So let’s hear another round of applause for Lynn, eh? You’re wonderful. All of you.
  • Jennifer Silva Redmond is also adding the panel to her list of things to do. I don’t know, can I beg more applause?
  • Adrienne Rosado is making the trip out from New York, where she works for PMA Literary and Film Agency, a firm with a diverse roster including genre fiction, true crime, world history, even politics (including Vincent Bugliosi’s The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder).
  • And then there’s the lovely Karen Syed. I’ll just hold up a cardboard sign that says Applause. Yeah. Just like that. Thank you.
  • Sally Van Haitsma is making the trip out from Del Mar, home of the Castiglia Literary Agency, a publishing house with broad interests including commercial, literary, and multicultural fiction, narrative non-fiction, investigative journalism, pop culture, parenting, gardening, architecture and interior design, biography, business, investing, finance, cookbooks, sports, and more. It really is an impressive list. And Sally’s in on a bunch of those. And we so adore her. Er, I mean … just like everyone else.
  • Natanya Wheeler comes cross-country from Lowenstein-Yost Associates, where she specializes in narrative nonfiction including memoirs, women’s issues, alternative energy and green living, politics, and apparently she really likes stuff about birds. And she’s working to build a fiction portfolio, focusing on literary fiction, women’s fiction, “edgy character-driven thrillers”, “moody mysteries”, young adult, and stand-alone graphic novels.

And … wait a minute. Let me double-check. Okay, I don’t think I left anyone off that list. (Just watch.) But I’m surprised, because, well, aren’t we just dripping with talent?

And you know what? It’s not over yet ….



One comment

  1. Hilarious, in the zozobra sense, this quackery.
    And Goddamn it, you boors. As if you ever care. But we do preside, like it or not, and fuck Ananaya, whore of UNM – that pimp of mediocrity, alas, as void of talant but for “Altima”, and that at question. How much talent does UNM Press ignore to accomadate the neopo-prince? ALL OF IT. That’s how much. Idiosos. And adios, plastadas.

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