KYSL SD23: Lynn Price

February 11, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

Neurosis. Neurosis!

Wait. Don’t panic. That’s just me and a sudden feeling that I’ve botched this before. (That’s not an auspicious start, is it?)

So if you’re looking for someone who’s simply that much more together than I am, Lynn Price certainly makes the list.

Lynn is the author of the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction for her 2006 novel Donovan’s Paradigm. The sequel, Donovan’s Impasse, is slated for release later this year.

And if it’s not enough to be praised by publishing executives or the Director of George Washington University’s Center for Integrative Medicine, Lynn is also the editorial director at Behler Publications, home of such recent and forthcoming titles as News at Ten, by Los Angeles television icon Stan Chambers; Wheeling the Deal, Chip Jacobs’ recollection of Hollywood’s flashiest quadriplegic; Mommy I’m Still In Here, Kate McLaughlin’s heart-wrenching insights into bipolar disorder; and Marching Up Madison Avenue, Richard L. Gilbert’s explanation of how he changed American advertising.

Working from both sides of the table, Lynn is uniquely qualified to bring us—count ’em—two workshops, “I’ve Written ‘The End’ – Now What?” and “Today’s Publishing Options: What’s Best For Your Book?



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  1. […] already met Lynn Price, although I’m sure there’s plenty to add. So let’s hear another round of applause […]

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