KYSL SD23: Caitlin Rother

January 30, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

Nothing personal toward Caitlin Rother; I’m just slow out of the gate today. (It took me three tries, even with her web page right in front of me, to spell her name right.)

So, yeah, awkward moments aside …. Caitlin Rother was born in Canada, but we won’t hold that against her. (My brother was, too, so anyone who wants to make an issue of it has gotta go through me, first.) She began her writing career at age six, “dabbled in journalism in high school and college”, and then finally picked up a master’s degree in the field from Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill School. Twenty years as a journalist saw her diversely published in newspapers and magazines, and shortly after the release of her first book, Poisoned Love, dropped the newspaper gig to write books. Her first novel, Naked Addiction, arrived in book stores in November, 2007, and her latest work of nonfiction is Twisted Triangle, which seems as apt a title as you’re going to come by. Body Parts, the story of serial killer Wayne Adam Ford, is slated for release in March.

In addition to her presentation as Sunday morning’s Guest Speaker, she brings the sum of her journalistic prowess to a workshop titled, “The Art of Interviewing“.

Well, okay, I might be promising a bit much, since a career like that would be hard to pack into a single workshop, but you understand, right?


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