KYSL SD23: (Saint?) Judy Reeves

January 29, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders …

Judy Reeves, a beloved mainstay of our SCWC community always finds time to bring us the benefits of her wisdom. The author of A Writer’s Book of Days and Writing Alone, Writing Together, among other instructional materials for writers, Judy brings a more than quarter-century worth of practical writing experience (newspapers, television, PR, books, and more) to San Diego this year for a Read & Critique.

Apparently, she also acts, but that should not come as a surprise. She’s quite comfortable in front of an audience, having taught at UCSD, CSU Fullerton, The Writing Center, The Writers’ Room, and various conferences. So why should a camera bother her?

Her dedication to educating writers won her recognition in 1999 as San Diego Writer’s Monthly Woman of the Year, and the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild bestowed upon her the 2001 Odin Award for Community Service.



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