KYSL SD23: Midge Raymond

January 29, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders …

Midge Raymond is one of those that, frankly, I don’t know nearly enough about. Then again, that list is plenty long, so my apologies to all.

But there is a lot to be said about her, including her Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, which is attached to the short-story collection Forgetting English, which hit bookstore shelves in November. And will hit Amazon … um … whenever they get around to it.

(Everybody keep clicking that Amazon link. Maybe if they get enough traffic, they’ll get their act together. I don’t know … maybe.)

Ms. Raymond was short-listed in 2007 for the Raymond Carver Short Story Prize (“Lost Art”), and her short stories have appeared in a plethora of magazines and journals, and her dedication to literature shines brightly through the Green Hills Literary Lantern, for which she serves on the editorial board; Metropolitan Writing Works, which she co-founded; and San Diego Writers Ink, for which she teaches. She also travels to teach students the art and science of writing short stories, and she brings exactly that to SD23 with two workshops, “Publishing Short Fiction” and “Revision: From Structure and Theme to Dialogue and Detail“.



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