Twenty-first century something

January 28, 2009

In other news … sort of … does anyone know what to think of this?

UnApOlOgEtIc presents five stories with a quirk—each is based on a vowel, and only that vowel appears in the story.

In a way, it kind of reads like a series of Hap Kliban cartoons that I would reproduce for you here if only I still had the book. But only kind of. Kliban didn’t limit himself according to the vowels, but the sentences in, for instance, the “A” story remind me of the titles for each frame of the Kliban melodrama.

Kliban readers should scour their old copies. Maybe it’s in Whack Your Porcupine.

In the meantime, UnApOlOgEtIc bills their stories as, “Five failed relationships, five vowels, no successful apologies”. And what can we say? Sounds like love in the twenty-first century.

Oh, and sensitive readers should watch out for the “U” story. Well, “I” is a bit risque, too, but it’s got nothing on the “U”.

(A nod here to Paul Constant for bringing this brilliance/disaster/interesting experiment (circle one) to my attention.)



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