KYSL SD23: Phyllis Gebauer, sexy author

January 28, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

Once merely a typist, and now a sexy author, Phyllis Gebauer brings her unique charm and talent to San Diego with … count ’em … two workshops: “Putting Story Down on Paper: Dramatic Scenes and Effective Transitions” and “Putting You Into Your Memoir“.

(Note to self: Your transitions are train wrecks; attend this workshop.)

Her writing credentials are outstanding, including books with titles like Hot Widow and Pagan Blessing, short stories, articles, and even film strips. Drawing praise from such luminaries as Ray Bradbury and Thomas Pynchon, Ms. Gebauer’s talent translates well for SCWC workshops; an instructor for UCLA Extension, she was named Outstanding Teacher in Creative Writing in 1992.

The hard thing, of course, is to say, over and over, “Don’t miss it!” Naturally, since we can’t all be in two (or more) places at once, we must necessarily miss something. Still, though, the advice holds. Phyllis Gebauer is simply not to be missed.


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