KYSL SD23: Edwin Decker, stylin’

January 28, 2009

Know Your Session Leaders ….

Edwin Decker … what in the world can I possibly say about our own sordid poet? An SCWC associate, Edwin is best known for his Sordid Tales” column for San Diego City Beat, a few of which he’s done us the honor of posting here. And he’s also appeared in several (at least) newspapers around the country, and even one in Canada. (He once published an article up in my corner, in Seattle’s The Stranger, but … never mind. I’ll have to ask him myself.)

He’s also published a collection of poetry—Barzilla and Other Psalms—which is, of course, his specialty here at SCWC. Mr. Decker is bringing us his popular Interactive Poetry Cram, this time titled, “On the Page and In Your Face“. Participants should be advised that they are expected to bring two poems, and yes, they will be reading to their fellows. Questions, curses, or midnight confessions should be sent directly to Ed.

No excuses will be accepted, though, unless you buy him a drink first.



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