Lynn Price hearts Wesley

January 7, 2009

Wesley the Director

Wesley the Director

Wesley the Barn Owl

Wesley the Barn Owl

Author and Behler Publications editorial director Lynn Price maintains a terrific blog on the business and beyond called “Is it Friday Yet?” She just posted a cool piece on Stacey O’Brien’s breakout debut, Wesley The Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl, citing the strong authorial voice used by the author to tell her poignant, critically acclaimed tale. For fiction and nonfiction writers alike, check it out here.

My own thoughts are that if you plucked little Wesley’s head clean, Lynn could just as effectively be hearting SCWC director Wesley Albers, but that’s really between them. You be the judge.

Lynn will be running two workshops at SD23, btw: “I’ve Written ‘The End’ – Now What?” and “Today’s Publishing Options: What’s Best For Your Book?”




  1. Dadgummit, Michael, that thing between Wes and me was supposed to be a secret! All kidding aside, thanks for the props. You and Wes are quite a team!

  2. I must say, the resemblence is uncanny – especially the mustaches.

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