The Strange (#3)

December 23, 2008

What’s the score? Truth 40 billion, Fiction 0?

An abstract, from the National Institutes of Health:

A 27-year-old lady presented with persistent cough, sputum and fever for the preceding six months. Inspite of trials with antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis treatment for the preceeding four months, her symptoms did not improve. A subsequent chest radiograph showed non-homogeneous collapse-consolidation of right upper lobe. Videobronchoscopy revealed an inverted bag like structure in right upper lobe bronchus and rigid bronchoscopic removal with biopsy forceps confirmed the presence of a condom. Detailed retrospective history also confirmed accidental inhalation of the condom during fellatio.

Sorry, I thought I was going to get through today without another installment of this series.

Anyway, look, I’ve lost track of things before. And once … well, you probably don’t need to read that story. But, yeah, I’ve lost track of a condom before. Sort of. But not like that.

(Really, I’m so disappointed, though. I was feeling good about the Scott Simon bit in #2. Made it, what, an hour?)



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