WORDsd looking for someone to blame

December 15, 2008

nullOur compatriots over at WORDsd.com are looking for a leader in the form of a San Diego-based writer/editor:

WORDsd.com is looking for a creative, energetic, take-charge, deadline making SD writer to be our Editor-In-Chief!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Add your name to the list of Furiously Famous Editors, alongside Helen Gurly Brown, Clay Felker, Perry White and J. Jonah Jameson!

You will be the one to come up with story ideas (although we’ve got a million already, just waiting for you to change them from ideas, into stories!)

You will be the one to assign stories to writers (keeping the best, most exciting, most glamorous stories for yourself to write!)

You will be the one to recruit and develop the new generation of San Diego’s best writers!

You will be the one to go out and hobnob with your fellow wizards! (That is, to connect WORD to the rest of SD’s vibrant writing organizations and create a critical mass explosion in which no one gets hurt and everyone has…what else?…a BLAST!)

WORD will truly be what YOU make of it!

Tell me more about being The Editor-In-Chief of WORD

They’re also looking for writers and artists to contribute.



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