Writing Crime track debuts at SD23

November 12, 2008

Whether writing fiction or nonfiction, from mysteries to memoirs authors are often confronted with depicting an aspect of crime, whether the act itself or the empirical perspectives of law enforcement responding to it. Debuting at SD23 and open to all conferees, the SCWC Writing Crime track will address many of the key issues that routinely undermine the verisimilitude required to successfully write about crime and criminal law enforcement.

From the psychological side to the practical matters impacting it, the track is being designed to empower the writer on a number of levels. The final list of sessions will be posted at WritersConference.com in the next week or so, but one we guarantee for Saturday night is a popular hands-on workshop we haven’t done in a while, “Writing for Real: Shoot, Don’t Shoot,” where participants are placed in a real-world training situation under the supervision of real cops and must make a split-second decision of irrevocable consequence. Gonna be fun!



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