San Diego 23 survives crash

November 10, 2008

Two weeks — count ’em, two weeks! — after our primary computer expired, taking with it to the ether-neither yonderland of data divestment all crucially required up-to-date info regarding the upcoming San Diego conference, we’re back up to speed.  It required my rebuilding only three different number crunching monstrosities strewn together from the silicon guts of those that’d came and went before to finally revive the calculating brain that possessed so much history, so much plotting, so much gleeful scheming of all things SCWC related.

But then shortly after the freshly rankled beast awoke from his slumber, as he dutifully purged himself of his binary life’s blood so that a newer, freshly revitalized incarnation could rise from the caches like an electric pulsing Phoenix and ferry forward his great legacy, tragedy suddenly struck again, as suddenly as all things tragic seemingly strike.  Which, of course, is always rather suddenly.  (See picture)


That’s right. That’s a picture of Ib1o4 (I-Beeone), the original SCWC administrative unit, retired some five or more years ago but not yet recycled, sitting disemboweled and piecemealed back together on the workbench only an hour after saving the day and recovering the knowledge from his esteemed successor. Turns out the brackets attached to the garage ceiling, brackets sustaining the weight of several pounds of wood slats, aluminum eaves, metal rods of questionable ilk — including brass — and other home improvement flotsam, proved too much. It all came crashing down on top of I-Beeone mere hours ago ago. And it all came crashing down suddenly.

So on this day I ask that we all raise a glass to I-Beeone. “To I-Beeone!” My primary unit, who served the SCWC faithfully to the very end.

I only wish he’d not powered back up after I poked the On button afterword. Sure he’s only got 256k memory left, which makes him the equivalent of a retard by today’s standards — I’m sorry, I mean mentally challenged — but scrapping him now, after all these years, seems cruel.



  1. Woo-hoo! Oh, hey, did you save the porn?

    Good show, sir. Much applause.


  2. Alas for I-Beeone. I guess he be one no more.

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