Begging your pardon

November 3, 2008

Look, I know this is SCWC, and it’s supposed to be about the Conference, and all. But I need to digress from all of that for a moment.

Tomorrow is November 4, 2008. And this year, that means it is Election Day.

Please Vote

Thank you.




  1. Yea, I voted! Not only did I vote, but my polling place was around the corner, so I got to WALK to cast my vote. Who knew I could be environmentally friendly AND politically responsible?

  2. Three cheers. (I’ll raise the glass in a while.)

    I used to live in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, and walked a couple blocks down the hill to the Fremont Baptist Church to vote. Now I live north of the city, in Snohomish County, and during the tenure of our former auditor, Bob Terwilliger (whose name I mention only because some might get a chuckle out of it, for reasons that won’t be apparent to everyone), we became a mail-in county. So this year, I voted on the 25th, mailed my ballot on the 26th, and last night confirmed that it was received by the current auditor—whose name, frankly, escapes me, and I’m too lazy to look it up—on the 28th.

    Not quite the same romance, eh? I asked my brother, who has voted absentee from home in the past, if he was going to the polls. He said of course, and pointed out the bake sale at his local site. Apparently, there’s one woman who makes some wicked cookies. Goddess grant, I miss all that.

    Oh, hey, here’s an interesting question. Okay, not really, but still: Did anyone notice the “related posts” links? One is a 2007 commentary by Bill Moyers, and the other is … well, is that needlepoint? Right, anyway, how does “please vote” translate into a 2007 opinion about Scooter Libby and a teddy-bear needlepoint?


  3. As anti-climactic as it is, I, too, voted absentee last week vs. going to the polling booth. In my case, the polling booth is the lady’s house across the street. Am happy to report, however, that traffic on our little cul de sac this day has been heavy and sometimes even problematic for those needing to park cars. The very least I could do was move my car off the street and into the driveway to allow more space — which I did. A lady (voter) returning to her car commented, “Looks like you’re going to have parking problems tonight.” To which I replied, “I sure hope so.”

    After that, I returned to my garage to rebuild yet a third computer this week in effort to retrieve the data off the main harddrive of the SCWC computer, which crashed last week and pretty much hosed us in a big way because it contained the harddrive that nearly everything essential to getting the San Diego conference up an running at full steam resided, including all email, recent staff addition contact info, February schedule, brochure, and hi-rez writer porn.

    Getting really close to getting the porn back, but it’s now 3:30 and election returns and bourbon are fast becoming a priority.

  4. Not the porn! Not the porn! Oh, God! What are we gonna do!

    Chin up, MSG, I’ll be on the bourbon, myself, shortly. Raise a glass, and here’s to the best.


  5. I guess when bd talks people listen :).

    64% of eligible voters voted yesterday. The highest turnout rate since 1908 — 100 years!!

    Even through my hungover haze, I see, today, a beautiful day for democracy.

  6. Well, you know ….

    I suppose I can grant myself a moment of self-promotion. My first remarks on the election are posted at my personal blog, but admittedly it’s mostly vapid. The meaning of this election for democracy in general, or our nation in particular, is yet unknown. But I do find a poetic comfort that today the sun shines in my corner of the Universe, and the hangover isn’t so bad.

    I’m still trying to figure what it all means. Thanks to all who voted, no matter who or what you voted for.

    Now, let’s all turn our eyes to the future, and cheer on MSG as he works to recover the porn crashed conference files.

  7. BD, not enough words can be written to justly amplify the significance of this new day — self-promote all you wish. That said, technology does not yet exist that could accurately measure the magnitude of the hangover I awoke to this morning having furiously celebrated its eve, but I can tell you it is the most welcomed hangover I have ever embraced.

    Now back to the computer… So long as the motherboard isn’t too corroded from the tears of joy & relief of last night’s celebration, we’ll be up and running tomorrow and I’ll start filling everybody in on the San Diego conference. (We got something especially cool to introduce.)

    Meanwhile, it’s hair of the dog.

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