Random notes for a happy day

October 31, 2008

Just some random notes on this happy day:

  • Do you write “dammit”, or “damn it”? And if you stick God into the mix, do you compound the word into “Goddamn”? How about, “Goddammit”?
  • Megan Seling of The Stranger noted, “[A]re there any other words in the English language that have three consecutive pairs of letters like the word bookkeeper does? I can’t think of any. Then again, I suck at Scrabble.”
  • To this day, the word “misled” bothers me, because when I was a kid, I read an Encyclopedia Brown story in which the solution to the mystery was a badly-written note. According to our hero, there is (was) no such word as “misled”. Did common vernacular somehow change this rule sometime in the last forty-five years? Or was I reading a subversive pinko Cold War-era counterfeit Encyclopedia Brown book?
  • I feel like introducing you to one of my most enduring pet peeves: The word “transition” is a noun, damn it!
  • Oh, yeah, another pet peeve: The phrase “pet peeve” is annoying and unnerving, much like children singing off-key for the amusement of sitcom viewers.

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone. Click the jump for a treat.



  1. 1. When I write, it’s one word, ‘dammit’ or ‘Goddammit’, as if it’s said fast and hard. When I say it, all of the syllables are pronounced independently, with equal emphasis.

    2. I can’t think of any other, but I’m sure there’s some internet site devoted to three consecutive pairs of letters, and the women who love them.

    3. It’s possible that Encyclopedia Brown misled you. I’m just saying.

    4. ‘Transition’ may be a noun, but I’m just happy these days when anyone uses a word with more than one syllable. I’ll take ’em anyway I can get ’em.

    5. If you pet your peeve more often, you’d be a lot happier with it.

  2. If you pet your peeve more often, you’d be a lot happier with it


    (Call me old-fashioned. I just can’t get into, “Oh, snap!”)

  3. oh man, you want to talk about pet peeves, i’ve got pet peeves

    1) REDUNDANCIES, like when people say, “It’s 3am in the morning”

    2) FIGURATIVELY, like when people say, “the phone was figuratively ringing off the hook”

    3) I hate when people say, “it was our ten year anniversary,” since anni means year, saying our 3rd year anniversary technically means, “it is our third year, year celebration” Better to say, “It is our 3rd anniversary.”

    4) don’t even get me started about people how say it was a 3 month anniversary.

    5)”fetish” and “fornication.” these are two words people use wrong all the time. Fetish is a sexual attachment to something that is otherwise not sexual. so you can’t have a tit fetish, or penis fetish. Also It is not just a synonym for something that you really like a lot yet have no sexual attachment to.

    Also, fornication is not a synonym for sex. It is sex with anyone who you are not married to, a sign in the bible. so, you cannot say, “My wife and I fornicated last night”

    That’s all for now

  4. I’m afraid you’re recalling the Encyclopedia Brown solution incorrectly. That story is “The Case of the Painting Gerbils.” A group of boys debate whether the word “misled” is the past tense of “misle.” The dictionary reveals that it’s the past tense of “mislead” and that “misle” isn’t a word at all.

    I always think of that story when I read or hear “misled.”

    –B. Sutinis

  5. Madam, you have just given my mind great ease. Thank you so much for the correction.

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