Osama been writin’?

October 31, 2008

Poor James Frey.

Well, okay, maybe I should explain that. It seems that Osama bin Laden is writing a memoir. Except, as Paul Constant points out at Slog, it doesn’t really sound like a memoir: “It sounds kind of like a polemic to me, like a super-extreme version of an Ann Coulter or Michael Moore book.” According to the Times of India:

The book, being written in Arabic, will later be translated into English. Bin Laden decided to write the book to counter “propaganda” against al-Qaida, Geo News channel reported ….

…. The book will reportedly highlight atrocities allegedly being committed on Muslims by the Western world.

Bin Laden will also discuss how the medieval Crusades greatly impacted the growth of Western influence in world affairs and ultimately helped the US to control the oil reserves of the Muslim states.

So, what does the disgraced author of A Million Little Pieces have to do with anything? No, no, he’s not ghostwriting the bin Laden book. Rather, it’s just Paul Constant’s blog entry title: “The Next James Frey?

I mean, seriously: Ouch!


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